Combining competitive pricing, ease-of-use and insights-driven FX tools, we take a portfolio approach – managing your exposure, facilitating payments and protecting your business against the inherent risks and challenges that come with the territory.

Interest rate
risk solutions
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Currency risk
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Commodity risk
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Credit risk
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Equity risk
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Liquidity risk
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Interest rate risk solutions

Changing interest rates can reduce returns or increase borrowing costs. Our extensive interest rate solutions protect our clients from these risks.

  • Bonds — we are one of nine primary dealers in government bonds
  • Derivatives — we create structures of any complexity
  • Inflation — we are the premier inflation-linked house in South Africa
  • Options — we offer a the full range of OTC options and option structures
  • Repos — we currently account for more than 35% of all repos booked on the JSE

Currency risk solutions

We protect our clients against exchange rate risks to avoid reduced earnings and protect their offshore assets.

  • Forex execution — access to cutting-edge information through our experienced team of dealers
  • Foreign exchange options — hedging strategies to corporates, multi-nationals and financial institutions tailored for specific solutions
  • Electronic sales — a seamless digital execution across multiple currencies and platforms
  • Currency interest rates — cross-currency interest rate hedging for term structured exposures

Commodity risk solutions

Our commodity traders offer investors opportunities to hedge, diversify and enhance their commodity trading strategies.

  • Trading — covers the entire commodities complex
  • Dollar custodial certificate — a solution to globalise retained earnings or savings into a highly liquid, dollar-based asset
  • Krugerrand custodial certificate — a global first that gives investors direct ownership in listed, physical gold
  • Krugerrands — a great way to diversify a portfolio by investing in real gold bullion Quanto futures — a rand-denominated commodity protecting against USD/ZAR volatility
  • JSE commodity futures — hedging risks and participating in SA commodity price growth

Credit risk solutions

Changing credit spreads can reduce investment returns or increase borrowing costs. Our specialists offer a range of innovative credit risk mechanisms to mitigate these risks.

Equity risk solutions

We manage equity exposure across all major indices and stocks. Our extensive structuring and trading capabilities enable us to help our clients execute equity risk management strategies efficiently.

Liquidity risk solutions

We provide liquidity solutions by facilitating funding through capital markets using commercial paper and corporate bond markets. Our Money Market team offers professional investors a comprehensive range of products and services.

Sales and research

From our trading desks in Johannesburg, across the Broader Africa, and London, our skilled and focused sales team provides access to, and intelligence on, spot and derivative prices and credits across multiple asset classes.

Our research offering spans the fixed income, currency and credit markets to offer strategic insight to our clients across multiple African jurisdictions.

Financial innovation

We enable our clients to innovate and future proof their businesses and to achieve environmental, social and governance (ESG) and climate outcomes by developing new innovative products and partnerships.

RMB is a leading African Corporate and Investment Bank.