At RMB we believe that private equity has a significant role to play in driving economic growth by generating returns for investors and building better businesses through real value that goes beyond equity.

As subsidiaries of FirstRand Limited, both RMB Ventures and RMB Corvest are on-balance sheet providers of flexible equity and debt funding packages. The companies operate independently and deliver private equity capital to assist partners with medium to large leveraged buy-outs, management buy-outs, BEE transactions and public to private transactions.

RMB Ventures is an on-balance private equity investor and a subsidiary of FirstRand Bank Limited. It partners with management teams, founders, financial investors and BEE investors of companies that have a sound knowledge of their industry, are passionate about their business and are unwavering in their dedication to create shareholder and employee value.

RMB Ventures targets businesses that demonstrate recurring annual earnings before tax of at least ZAR40-m (unless exceptional growth opportunities can be clearly demonstrated).

The team of seasoned bankers, private equity transactors and deal makers firmly believe that good business is more than just an exchange of finances. It’s also about sharing values, expertise and ideas – collaborating at every opportunity to deliver value beyond equity.

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As a subsidiary of FirstRand Bank Limited, RMB Corvest is able to offer clients on-balance funding without exit timing pressures. Since its inception, RMB Corvest have completed over 200 deals, proudly supported by an extensive pool of private equity transactors and dealmakers.

RMB Corvest offers on-balance equity and debt funding packages for medium to large leveraged buy-outs, management buy-outs and buy-ins, BEE transactions, public and private transactions.

RMB Corvest works predominantly with management teams of established businesses with a value of between R100-m and R1-bn.

RMB Corvest is committed to creating long-term value for clients and their businesses, building winning partnerships and striving to offer the right combination of expertise for growth, liquidity and shareholder returns.

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