Our highly skilled Solutionists develop dynamic, sophisticated everyday banking solutions for our clients to optimise their working capital cycles and simplify their banking processes in a safe and secure environment. 

We continually invest in state-of-the-art infrastructure and business technology to enable our clients to process transactions and information services digitally and more efficiently. These channels include intuitive applications that can be accessed via a desktop, tablet or smartphone, and through our highly sophisticated B2B system. Clients can configure these channels to match their unique methods of processing and reconcile bank transactions through their enterprise systems.

Our systems enable:

  • Real-time processing of live transaction information to manage liquidity effectively
  • A single sign-on service for clients to access domestic services, cross-border payments and foreign exchange dealing platforms via our Online Banking EnterpriseTM platform
  • A more simplified treasury management reporting function
  • Flexible multi-layered security features that are designed to mitigate operational, transactional and financial risks

RMB is a leading African Corporate and Investment Bank.

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